Music, Speech Arts & Visual Arts Syllabus - 2024

2024 Syllabus

PianoOpen Piano Advanced Piano Piano Sonatas Contemporary Composers (including Canadian & Indigenous Composers) Own Composition Graded Pieces Concert Groups Concertos Piano Duets Piano Duos Later Tuition Collaborative Pianist Women Composers BIPOC Composers Popular Piano
VoiceOpen Voice Advanced Voice Canadian Composer Light Opera & Operetta Folk Songs Graded Pieces Women Composers BIPOC Composers Indian Classical Popular Voice (Hindustani & Carnatic) Jazz, Rag or Blues Praise and Worship Later Tuition - Adults Duets and Trios Ensembles
Musical TheatreTraditional Musical Theatre (Before 1950) Golden Age (1950-1970) Mid-20th Century (1971-1989) Contemporary (1990-2009) Modern (2010-Present) Canadian Cabaret & Revues Later Tuition Bollywood Duets and Trios Ensembles
Songs from the Screen and MoreSolos Duets and Trios
Popular VoiceSolos Duets and Trios Own Composition Self-Accompanied American Sign Language American Sign Language Duets and Trios
StringsViolin - Open Violin - Advanced Violin or Viola - Concert Group Violin - Graded Classes Viola - Open Viola - Advanced Viola - Graded Classes String Duets Violin and Viola - Women Composers Violin and Viola - BIPOC Composers Violin and Viola - Later Tuition Cello - Open Cello - Advanced Cello and Double Bass Concert Group Cello - Graded Classes Double Bass - Open Double Bass - Advanced Double Bass - Graded Classes Cello & Double Bass - Women Composers Cello & Double Bass - BIPOC Composers Cello & Double Bass - Later Tuition Suzuki Non-Competitive
Popular StringsSolos Duets and Trios
BrassTrumpet - Open Trumpet - Graded Classes Trombone - Open Trombone - Graded Classes French Horn - Open French Horn - Graded Classes Baritone, Euphonium or Tuba - Open Baritone, Euphonium or Tuba - Graded Classes Brass - Women Composers Brass - BIPOC Composers Brass - Later Tuition Brass - Duets or Trios Popular Brass
GuitarOpen Advanced Graded Classes Women Composers BIPOC Composers Later Tuition Duets or Trios Popular Guitar
HarpOpen Graded Classes Women Composers BIPOC Composers Later Tuition Duets or Trios
CompositionOriginal Composition
PercussionPercussion Solos Percussion - Later Tuition Percussion - Duets or Trios Percussion Ensembles
Speech and DramaGroup Scenes - 6 or more Players BIPOC Playwright Monologue Canadian & Indegenous Playwright Monologue Lyric Poetry Memorized Prose Monologue Other than Shakespeare Narrative Poetry Public Speaking Shakespearean Monologue Storytelling Women Playwright Monologue Later Tuition Duologue Group Scenes - 3 to 5 Players
WoodwindsBassoon - Open Bassoon - Graded Classes Clarinet - Open Clarinet - Graded Classes Flute - Open Flute - Graded Classes Oboe - Open Oboe - Graded Woodwinds Saxophone - Open Saxophone - Graded Classes Recorder - Open Recorder - Graded Classes Woodwinds - Women Composers Woodwinds - BIPOC Composers Woodwinds - Later Tuition Woodwinds - Duets or Trios Popular Woodwinds
World MusicAccordion - Solos Accordion - Duets or Trios Accordion - Ensembles Accordion - Later Tuition Bagpipes - Solos Bagpipes - Duets and Trios Bagpipes - Later Tuition Bandura - Solos Bandura - Duets and Trios Bandura - Ensembles Bandura - Later Tuition Non-Western Strings - Plucked - Solos Non-Western Strings - Bowed - Solos Non-Western Strings - Later Tuition - Solos Non-Western Strings - Duets or Trios Non-Western Strings - Ensembles Steel Pan - Solos Steel Pan - Duets and Trios Steel Pan - Ensembles Steel Pan - Later Tuition - Solos Ukulele - Solos Ukulele - Duets or Trios Ukulele - Ensembles
Visual ArtsDrawing Mixed Media Oil or Acrylic - Abstract Oil or Acrylic - Realism & Representational Photography Quilting, Needlepoint and Macrame Sculpture Watercolour - Abstract Watercolour - Realism & Representational
BandsSchool Bands Bucket Drumming & Boomwhackers Community Bands Jazz Ensembles
School Instrumental SolosSchool Instrumental Solos
ChoirsSchool Choirs Community Choirs
OrchestrasSchool String Orchestras School Orchestras Community String Orchestra Community Orchestra
Small EnsemblesSmall Ensembles
Chamber GroupsChamber Groups
Mixed InstrumentationMixed Instrumentation