Our Mission

The Toronto Kiwanis Festival is a celebration of music, dance and dramatic arts in an inclusive artistic environment focused predominantly on students and youth. Through performance and evaluation, participants build confidence and leadership skills that will benefit their artistic and lifelong pursuits.

The Festival Association seeks the highest standards in all aspects of its operations. The Association achieves its mission with a small highly-motivated professional staff and a large number of dedicated volunteers, both Kiwanians and members of the public. It obtains funding through its operations, Kiwanis Clubs and Kiwanians and from individuals, organizations and corporations within the community.


We know – through scientific research and our years of experience – that musical training can be of significant value towards the positive up-bringing and education of a child. The Music Festival provides an excellent opportunity for young people to prepare carefully a piece of music, perform it to the best of their ability in front of their peers, and receive an expert’s appraisal of their performance. Quite apart from the joy of taking part in the act of making music, there is the invaluable experience working hard toward a goal and seeing it through. There’s significant value in listening to other people playing or singing and measuring one’s performance against them, and having them listen to you.

Everyone encounters competition throughout life. The music festival’s healthy and positive approach is wonderful training and prepares a child by instilling confidence and building self-awareness and understanding.

If you want to help young people through music, please consider a tax-deductible donation to the festival.