Results – 2022

Music, Visual Arts and Speech Arts

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Elementary Piano (Introductory to Grade 3)

Adjudicator: Daisy Leung

Junior Piano (Grades 4-5)

Adjudicator: Liz Craig

Junior Piano (Grades 6-7)

Adjudicator: Katherine Dowling

Intermediate Piano (Grade 8)

Adjudicator: Carter Johnson

Senior Piano (Grades 9-10)

Adjudicator: Yvette Rowling

Open & Advanced Piano, Concertos & Concert Groups

Adjudicator: Michael Kim

Popular Piano

Adjudicator: Liz Craig


Adjudicator: Trevor Cooper


Adjudicator: Gillian MacKay


Adjudicator: Alan Torok


Adjudicators: Alan Torok


Adjudicator: Trevor Cooper


Adjudicator: Lucile Brais Hildesheim

Lower Strings

Adjudicator: Brian Yoon

Musical Theatre (Beginner to Junior)

Adjudicator: Robin Norman

Musical Theatre (Intermediate to Open)

Adjudicator: Irene Ilic

Popular Voice

Adjudicator: Irene Ilic

Speech Arts

Adjudicator: Peggy Coffey

Upper Strings (Levels 1 to 7)

Adjudicator: Sarah Velasco

Upper Strings (Levels 8 to Open)

Adjudicator: Oleg Pokhanovski

Non-Western Strings

Adjudicator: Hui (Daisy) You

Visual Arts

Adjudicator: Martha Johnson

Voices (Levels Introductory to 9)

Adjudicator: Lisa Cosens-Brillon

Voices (Levels 10 & Open)

Adjudicator: Tracy Dahl


Adjudicator: Kristine Gray