2020 Group Entry Registration

Registration for the 2020 Festival is now open! The form below is for group entries. If you are looking to register soloists, please use the solo entry registration form.

We encourage everyone to review the Syllabus and Rules prior to registering. The entry deadline is December 5, 2019.

  • To add more groups, use the "+" icon to the right.
    Name of Each Group# of Years of Training 
  • A valid email is required as All schedules will be sent out by email.
  • Competitions may take place AT ANY TIME during the Festival. This includes the chance of being scheduled during school hours. As such, please do not put “not available during school hours.”
  • Duets, Duos, Trios

  • To add more competitors, use the "+" icon to the right.
    NameInstrument/VoiceAge (As of February 18, 2020) 
  • Class Selections

  • Using the Syllabus enter your class choice details here. To add more classes, use the "+" icon to the right.
    Group NameClass NumberTitleComposer (Own Choice Selection)# In Group (Required)Accurate Length of PerformanceFee 
  • Please add up class fees and enter the total here.
  • NOTE: A $15.00 Administration fee is applied to every entry. A $20 late fee will be applied to all registrations received after December 5, 2019.
  • Price: $ 0.00 CAD
  • Reminders

    All schedules will be sent out by email before the end of December.


    1. Group entries (duets, trio, quartets, bands, choirs, orchestras, etc.) must be filled out using the online group registration form.
    2. For solo entries, please use the online Solo Entry Form.
    3. Please list any possible valid scheduling conflicts (ie Specialist Doctor Appointments, pre-paid school trips, religious holidays). We will make every effort to avoid scheduling conflicts where possible. Competitions may take place AT ANY TIME during the Festival and are more than likely to take place during school hours. Music lessons, after school and weekend activities do not qualify as a scheduling conflict.
    4. It is the responsibility of the competitor/conductors to read ALL rules and enter the correct class by CLASS NUMBER. Class changes will not be permitted. Please ensure that you use the syllabus as some class numbers have changed.
    5. Music Stands will not be provided for groups of 16 or less.
    6. The entry fee MUST be paid either online or by submitting payment to the festival office. An entry will not considered valid until payment has been received. The entry fee is indicated under each class number as listed in the syllabus.
    7. Entry fees will not be refunded for any reason, except under circumstances where the entry is refused by the Association.
    8. Please consider making a donation along with your entry. The Kiwanis Music Festival receives no funding from government agencies and relies on the support of its donors to ensure its existence. All donors will be listed in the Festival programme and tax receipts will be issued for amounts of $20.00 or more.
    9. ENTRIES CLOSE – December 5, 2019 – this includes receipt of payment.

    Best wishes for a successful performance! See you in February!