Adjudicator and Alumni Tips and Tricks

You’ve reached our new “tips and tricks” page. We have asked a number of our past adjudicators and alumni to contribute 10 minute educational videos that we hope you will find interesting.

Come back often as new content will be added regularly. If there are any topics you would like to see covered, let us know and we will do our best to deliver!

Dr. Lynn Kuo – Violin

Kiwanis Alumnus and Adjudicator
Performance Preparation

Susan Eichhorn Young – Musical Theatre/Voice

Kiwanis Alumnus and Adjudicator
Voice Pedagogue in New York City
How to Choose Musical Theatre Repertoire that is right for YOU (for auditions and competitions)

Aaron Schwebel – Violin

Kiwanis Alumnus and Adjudicator
Concert Master of the National Ballet Orchestra
Assistant Concert Master of the Canadian Opera Company Orchestra
How entering the Kiwanis Festival as a Youth helps to shape a future career in music

Dr. Michael Esch – Piano

Kiwanis Alumnus, Teacher and Adjudicator
Why entering a Music Festival as a Youth is so important – benefits and perspectives

Jannine Saarinen

Effective Warm-ups for Dancers

Liz Parker – Piano Teacher

Kiwanis Alumnus and Adjudicator
Great tips for setting up your home teaching studio

Chris James – Flautist

Kiwanis Alumnus and Adjudicator
Hermann and Erika Stölting Chair of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra
Proper etiquette and tricks and tips for making your experience in a flute section a huge success!

Andrew Novosky – Piano Tuner

Official Piano Tuner for the Toronto Kiwanis Festival
Head Piano Technician for the University of Toronto Faculty of Music
How to Properly Clean a Piano Keyboard

Avanti Chamber Singers – Looking Forward

Director: Rachel Rensink Hoff
Videographer: Julie Hoff
ACS members reflect on the past year and look forward to what the future holds for singers and choirs.

Sheila Vandikas

How to Schedule Practice Time with Multiple Musicians in Your Household